Promoting excellence in target rifle shooting since 1937

A Home Office Approved Target Shooting Club

Affiliated to :

The National Small-bore Rifle Association

The Somerset Small Bore Shooting Association

Approved by

Avon & Somerset Constabulary

Registered by HMRC as a Community Amateur Sports Club

Our sport is open to all regardless of age or gender. We actively encourage potential new members to apply to join the Club. Previous experience is not necessary and there are club rifles available for those who would like to try out target rifle shooting. If you would like to find out more about the Club or target rifle shooting please use the form on the Contact page. There is additional information on the FAQ page.

Your goals should be to compete, even if it's just against yourself, to be safe, and to have fun. Regulars at shoots have seen it all in terms of competitors’ skill levels; the only way to embarrass yourself is to be a sore loser or an unsafe shooter. Most competitions are divided by classes to cater for all skill levels, and you can rest assured that the vast majority of competitors are hobbyists, just like you.

Target shooting has been described as skilled meditation; you have to focus completely on what you’re doing. If your brain goes off and meanders then your bullets will probably do the same!

Dedicated to the peaceful pursuit of marksmanship

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